The components offered in the kit include just the basic mechanical need-to-haves at this point, only those most absolutely necessary, or difficult for the installer to manufacture. That said, there are several other items you will need to procure or fabricate. This is due to either the components being under development for standardization or they could be unique to your engine and Vanagon configuration. This page illustrates (in yellow) which components currently come with the kit and how to install them. Items which remain currently in development are not shown but may be added to future kits. We try not to sweat the small stuff, but offer plenty of pictures and ideas in the forum to guide you to installing any additional items and provide suggestions driven by personal taste.

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Basic Kit (T03X001-9)

The yellow highlighted components illustrate those included in the basic kit. Hardware is not shown, but is included. The clutch is also not shown, and is not included. This kit employs your stock clutch pack.


IMI-104N/10 Starter

High torque gear reduction starter, manufactured by IMI Performance Products for Dunebuggy and racing applications. Several distributors carry the IMI-104 in the event you need replacement; however, be sure to ask for the N version and a 10 tooth drive gear.


T03S004-9 Adapter Assy.

This component joins an Nissan SD series engine to standard 2WD and 4WD transmissions. This kit currently is not suitable for automatic transmissions. It comes with built in inserts and studs to facilitate an easy fit.


T03S001-1 Cover Plate

This component fits between the Nissan SD series engine and the T03S004-1 adapter, to cover the exposed portion of the flywheel. It must be facing the proper direction and loosely fit to the engine prior to installing the flywheel assembly. Torque all hardware to 15-20 ft-lb.


T03S005-1 Pilot Bearing

Lightly tap this component into the end of the engine crankshaft to provide support for the transmission input shaft.


T03S003-9 Flywheel Assembly

This assembly bolts onto the crankshaft with six bolts (included in case your engine did not come with any). This assembly also includes a roll pin to assist in alignment, and must be installed prior to installing the bolts. Discard pin if one already exists in crankshaft. Torque bolts to 94-108 ft-lbs (127-147 in-lbs). Install your existing (I recommend new) clutch pack to this flywheel using the same procedures outlined in the VW Vanagon service manual.

Trim Splash Shelf to Fit


T03H001-9 Oil Pump Adapter Assembly

This assembly modifies the bottom half of your SD engine’s oil pump to accommodate the tilted angle the engine will sit at. It relocates the pick up screen to a different spot in the oil pan. Since there are a few versions of oil pans, various amounts of trimming is required to fit the draw tube. Torque bolts to 9-14 ft-lb (13-19 N-m).

Additional Considerations

There are several modications that remain your responsibility as this kit helps address just some of the mechanical aspects, but the extent of your efforts varies depending on engine model, donor application and your preferences. See forums for discussion and applicability on each section listed

General Fit

Trim away a portion of the engine compartment wall to provide clearance with the water pump pulley and in-line pump cover. (some models).